How does UpRaise work with JIRA?

Atlassian's JIRA is quite a flexible software when it comes to different sort of integrations & add-on development. There is a burgeoning ecosystem of add-ons owing to this extensibility. 

UpRaise makes use of the APIs available to integrate with JIRA seamlessly. It can not only insert its own pages within JIRA but also tightly couple with entities available in JIRA such as projects, issues, users, sprints and many more. Framework for development is different for Server & Cloud add-ons, resulting in a few differences in behaviour of the two. These differences in some cases are purely technical in nature whereas in others have a functional impact. 

The functional differences between the Server & Cloud versions of the add-on are highlighted at appropriate places in this documentation. Another point worthy of a mention is that UpRaise works seamlessly with JIRA Core, Software as well as Service Desk.