How do I create, edit & delete Designations?

Designations are a clean way of classifying users in different buckets. This classification helps in actions which need users to be segmented with certain designations. For example, while filling up a review form or to complete an engagement survey. UpRaise Admin/Super admin can navigate to the Designations tab by clicking on the Company Directory under Administration.

At the time of installation, UpRaise inserts following default designations - HR Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Team Lead, Software Developer, QA Engineer. 1st UpRaise Admin is assigned 'HR Manager' role by default, which can be updated from the Users tab.

The designations tab lists all the designations currently available in system, against the number of users that hold the corresponding designations.

Adding a Designation

UpRaise Admin/Super Admin can add a new designation from the highlighted section below. Another way of adding a new designation is while adding or editing a user from the manage users screen. Note that UpRaise non-admin users cannot add a new designation even if the profile self service is turned on.

Editing a Designation

Any of the existing designations can be modified by clicking on the 'pencil icon' that appears on mouse over of each designation row. Do note that a change in designation that is already assigned to at least one user will update those user's designation as well. 

Note that if  Self service is turned on, users can update their designations by themselves. But they cannot create new designations, they must use the existing ones. This ensures that people don't commit spelling mistakes and create duplicate designations in the directory.

Deleting a Designation

A designation can only be deleted if there are no users with that designation. Modify designations of all the users so that no users hold the designation that you want to delete & then delete the designation.

Users with selected designation

Designations tab also allows UpRaise Admin/Super Admin to see the list of users who are assigned the selected designation (refer to the screenshot below). Clicking on the number of users (link) opens a pop-up that lists down all the users with corresponding designation and their managers.