Choosing first UpRaise Admin - Cloud Version

Note that this approach is applicable only to the cloud version. On the server version, it has been replaced by an elaborate onboarding wizard for the JIRA admin. Same wizard will be soon available for the cloud version.

Primary administrators for the UpRaise add-on could be someone from your Human Resources, Operations departments, Program managers even PMO but rarely JIRA administrators.

Since the  installation of add-on can only be performed by someone who is a JIRA admin, first step after the installation for JIRA admin involves setting another user in JIRA as an UpRaise Admin. This way the other person will end up having sufficient rights for administering UpRaise without needing to be a JIRA admin.

Of course, we don't stop JIRA Admin from being an UpRaise Admin - but rarely this kind of situation is encountered.

Once the first UpRaise Admin is configured, role of the JIRA Admin ceases to play any part in UpRaise Administration except for managing UpRaise add-on on your JIRA instance.


 Step One

Right after UpRaise is installed, JIRA Admin can navigate to UpRaise Configuration screen from the 'Manage add-ons' screen. Refer to the image below.

Or via the main UpRaise navigation menu item under Administration section of 'Configurations'.


 Step Two

JIRA Admin can add one of the JIRA users (including himself) as UpRaise Admin. Rest of the administrative tasks in UpRaise will have to be taken care of by the UpRaise Admin.

User can be searched by her JIRA username, display name or email address. Not able to find the user -  read this to troubleshoot

Once the 1st UpRaise Admin is designated into the system, the UpRaise Configurations screen cannot be used by the JIRA Admin to make or remove UpRaise Admins, it simply becomes read only. Responsibility of Administering UpRaise falls on the 1st UpRaise Admin

This user will receive an email notification that he has been made an UpRaise Admin. 

Note that the 1st UpRaise Admin will be assigned the designation HR Manager by default in UpRaise. This designation can be updated any time. Designation & UpRaise Admin rights are not tied to each other.