Version 3.6.8

Release Date - 5 July 2017            Version - 3.6.8

  • JIRA Group based UpRaise Access - Managing UpRaise access is easier than ever with JIRA group based setting. All the existing installations will be automatically migrated to All Users (if limited rollout was turned off) or User Based Access (if limited rollout was turned on). With JIRA group based access, one can set default as enabled/disabled for all groups & then set exceptions. 
  • Ability to Share an Objective with Teams - One of the most requested features was the ability to share an objective with one or more teams rather than individual users. These will be implied permissions, meaning users will have access based on their association with the team/s.
  • Ability to Clone, Move & Carry Forward Objectives - You can now easily Clone, Move & Carry forward objectives from one cycle to the other. Carry forward is a special action that allows you to continue working on an OKR if it remained incomplete in previous cycle & still is important enough to be worked upon. 
  • Ability to Export OKRs - One can now export OKRs in an excel from the OKR pages. It allows you to select which level of OKR you want to export & then sends out the export as an attachment to an email. 
  • Oracle DB Compatibility - Some of the features were breaking on Oracle DB. That is now fixed.