Version 3.6.7

Release Date - 30 May 2017            Version - 3.6.7

  • JIRA Issue Search Pop-up Improvements - The pop-up where JIRA issues are added as key results is now improved & the process is split into two steps. First for selecting the issues & 2nd for reviewing what is being added. Earlier limitation of only 10 results showing in the pop-up is done away with by introducing pagination in the first step. With this release, one can add as many JIRA issues in one go as required.
  • Order KRs within an Objective - Ability to set priority for key results by way of organising them sequentially was one of the long standing requests. Now there is this possibility by using drag n drop at any of the following places - List view, Thumbnail view & Detail view. Do note that ability to drag n drop is available only to users who have edit access to the objective.
  • Super Admin Role Enhancements - Some of the missing pieces from super admin role implementation are completed with this release. Super admin now has access to the in-app messenger. Also, the insight view page is modified to show all data to a super admin.
  • Objective Detail Page in Same Tab - Minor bug where the objective detail page was being opened in a new tab is quashed.
  • User Search Failed if JIRA Username was Modified - There was one specific issue where some of the users, who were already part of UpRaise company directory but searching them returned empty results. This used to happen for users whose JIRA username was modified. This is now taken care of.