Version 3.6.6

Release Date - 11 May 2017            Version - 3.6.6

  • Roles Enhancement - A new role SuperAdmin is now available. Super administrator, has a sort of god view into UpRaise. Irrespective of whether OKRs, Continuous feedback or Review forms are shared with them, super administrators will always be able to view these. In this release, Super Admin role only works with OKRs. In the upcoming releases, it will be extended to continuous feedback & reviews.
  • Filters available as URL query parameters - Earlier sharing URL of OKR views didn't help much as the filters had to be set manually. Now filters are available within the URL. This makes it easier to bookmark URLs for quick access.
  • OKR Filters are remembered by the system - UpRaise now remembers the last filters used by each user & applies them when that user is back to the OKR browsing pages. 
  • Epics are handled uniquely when added as KRs - When epics are added to objectives as Key Results, unique handling of progress comes into play. UpRaise first checks, if there are any 'issues contained within the epic' & then depending on each one's resolution the epic progress is calculated. e.g. if 3 out of 5 issues contained within that epic are complete, epic progress is treated as 60%
    • if there are no issues within the epic, resolution of the epic will be used to calculate progress (this will of course be binary, either 0% or 100%)
  • Export distribution responses to excel - One can now export responses from distributions into an excel. This will help teams manipulate data from review form responses, easily.
  • Ability to expand all OKRs in a single click - There is now a small icon available on the OKR hierarchy view that allows expanding all OKRs in a single click. Similar action is also available on Team structure tree view.
  • Insight View Export to CSV - Easily dump all the data from insight view page into a CSV.
  • OKRs sorting - Now OKRs can be sorted on every column in the list view. 
  • Advanced OKR settings - Ability to manage objective labels along with default shared with parameter is now available for UpRaise administrator.