Version 3.6.4

Release Date - 21 Mar 2017            Version - 3.6.4

  • Print Review Forms - As requested by many of you, ability to print review forms was released in 3.6.4 version. As of now, the forms can be printed one by one. We will soon be releasing the feature that will allow bulk exporting/printing of review forms.
  • Filters on Templates & Distributions - UpRaise admin facing screens Templates & Distributions are enhanced for better organising & searching the data. Now these screens allow searching of data based on filters applied.
  • Team Levels introduced for further classifying team OKRs - Now each of the team can associated with a level, which will help you further drill down Team level OKRs. For example, if you have Departments, Divisions, Teams - just add corresponding level against each of the team name. On Team OKRs page, you will be able to filter out the OKRs using this level. This will make it easy to look at all 'Department OKRs', 'Division OKRs' etc. 
  • @ mention related performance issue fixes - Earlier while using the mentions in OKRs & Feedback, system used to retrieve all the UpRaise users slowing things down. Now this is improved to make sure only relevant & limited set of users are returned.
  • Display associated KR against a comment - At the time of punch in/progress updates comments are added against certain KRs. Now within the comments, this association is clearly laid out. Earlier one had to make use of history to figure out which comment belonged to which KR.
  • Atlassian cache implementation for User's role check - To further optimise the performance, Atlassian cache is implemented for checking user's role. This should bring down the page rendering time.
  • Default filters made empty in Team & Individual OKRs - To avoid filtering OKRs based on active objective cycle, default filters are now modified to display all OKRs except Abandoned & Closed ones.