Onboarding Wizard - Server Version

In the  release version 3.6, we made available the onboarding wizard for the server version. It lets the JIRA admin make informed decisions and set up the JIRA add-on in just 4 steps. The primary reasoning behind this change was to reduce friction & number of steps required to get you up n running.

Once installed, all the JIRA administrators will be able to see ' UpRaise - Getting Started' menu rather than the usual list of items within UpRaise. The idea is any JIRA admin - irrespective of whether he has installed UpRaise or not can log in & just complete the setup. Until the setup is complete, the main UpRaise menu will not be available. 

Below is a quick walkthrough of the onboarding wizard -

Clicking on 'Get Started' takes you to the first step of the multi-step wizard.

In the first step, UpRaise automatically populates the company name from your license. You can update the name now or even later.

Click Next and in the 2nd step you have the opportunity to select which features you'd want to use. By clicking on the respective boxes, you will enable/disable corresponding menu items & sections.

3rd step allows you to set up user access & roles. Here you can add upraise administrators & normal users, who should initially have access. Of course you can just make yourself admin & continue. After the set up is completed, you can always navigate to company directory to set up users.

UpRaise allows you set UpRaise access permissions with complete flexibility. It lets you set these permissions in three ways: 

  • All users
  • User Based Access
  • JIRA group based access

When you select All Users option, by default it allows every active JIRA user to access UpRaise. 

User Based Access option allows you to hand pick users and decide who should access UpRaise and who should not

Whereas JIRA Group based Access comes with an ability to decide UpRaise Access permissions according to JIRA Groups. 

Read this to know more about UpRaise Access settings and reasoning behind it.

Once Next is clicked, the set up is complete & you will get a quick set of links to get started.