How do I grade my OKRs?

Objectives whose due date is met are automatically brought to 'Ready for grading' status by the system. Once 'Ready for grading' - action 'Grade & Close' will be available on the objective detail page. If you think the objective is ready to Grade and Close you can do that as explained or further steps or simply Carry Forward(Link to how to carry forward) it for some other duration(Only Individual & Team level objectives can be carried forward).

Clicking on 'Grade & Close' will brings up a Grade & close pop-up that lets you rate your efforts on the objective as well as all the associated KRs. In addition, you can add assessments surrounding what helped & what didn't, along the way. 

This is how the 'Grade' pop-up will look like.

In Remarks section,  you can make use of @sign and then add the name of a specific user to mention a specific comment and also type other necessary remarks.  

Then In Key Results section grade all Key Results and write related comments in the given comment box. Make use of Prev & Next button for other KRs. 

Save For Later option lets you save your Grading and remarks as a draft or can be carried forward using Grade & Carry Forward option. Else click on Grade and close and the objective will be closed. 

Note: Grade & Carry Forward option will be available on this pop up only when you are grading Individual & Team Level Objectives.

Once grading is done, grades & remarks of the objective will be shown now in a newly created tab called 'Grade' Under Activity section. 

If needed one can also edit gradings later, using Edit option right there under Grades tab.