How do I manage Teams & Team members?

Teams are a group of individuals clubbed together by virtue of one or more common attributes. Every company is made of such teams, grouped by their functions, expertise or some other attributes depending on the business need & strategy.

Read more about the  concept here.

UpRaise supports creation of such teams. A team can have its title, team members, a team lead (special type of team member) & a parent team. All this information is used to create org hierarchy chart within UpRaise.

UpRaise admin can navigate to the 'Teams' tab on Company Directory page via Administration menu items.

The team tab lists all the teams currently available in the system. By default teams can be viewed in a list view, one can switch the view to org chart by using the buttons highlighted below. At the time of UpRaise installation following teams are created by default - Marketing, Sales, Software Development, Software QA, Support. 

List View

Adding a Team

UpRaise Admin can add a new team easily from the highlighted section below.  Team lead & Parent team are not mandatory while adding a new team.

Another way a team can be added is from the users tab, while adding or editing a user. New Team text would appear in the bracket as highlighted below. When the user is added/updated, new team will be reflected in the team tab.

Editing a Team

Editing of team from the list view entails activities such as - editing team name, editing/adding team lead, editing/adding parent team. Hovering the mouse cursor over any of the rows will result in appearance of a 'pencil' icon, clicking on which the team is displayed in edit mode (highlighted below). 

Note that while adding or editing a team, Team Lead needs to be a user who is already available in UpRaise users tab. Importantly, UpRaise users who do not yet have access to UpRaise (due to  limited rollout set to true) can also be added to teams & even made team leads. But they will still not be able to access UpRaise, until access is given to them explicitly. So you can easily build the complete hierarchy even when in pilot & when limited rollout is turned off, all the users will be properly associated with their teams. 

Note that if  Self service is turned on, users can update their team/s by themselves. But they cannot create new teams, they must use the existing ones.

Also, parent teams should be chosen in such a way that they do not create a circular relationship. 

Deleting a Team

A team can only be deleted if there are no users associated with that team. Remove all the associated users from the team and the team lead, then you can delete the team.

Users belonging to selected team

Teams tab - list view also allows UpRaise Admin to see the list of users who are members of a particular team (refer to the screenshot below). Clicking on the number of users (link) opens a pop-up that lists down all the users with corresponding managers & teams.

Assigning a Team Lead

Team lead is a special type of team member. While adding or editing a team, one of the existing UpRaise users can be made a team lead. 

Making a user team lead of a team is automatically reflected on his profile with (TL) - in the users tab as well as on his own dashboard.

Important to note that only UpRaise Admin can assign an UpRaise user as a team's team lead.

Removing a team lead

A team lead can be removed from the Company directory -> team tab, only by the UpRaise admin. 

For a Team lead to be removed from the team, she first needs to be removed as team lead from the team tab. Until then x does not appear on the dashboard as well as users tab.

Note that removing a user as team lead does not imply her removal from the team. That user explicitly needs to be removed from the team afterwards.

Adding Team Members

Addition of team members is not directly possible via the team tab. UpRaise users can be added to the team by editing their team/s from users tab while adding a new user or updating an existing one. This option is only available for UpRaise administrators.

Or the team/s can also be added/edited by the UpRaise non-admin users for themselves if Self service is turned on.

Removing Team Members

Similar to addition of team members, removal of upraise users can be done from the users tab or from the dashboard by users themselves.

Note that one user can belong to multiple teams.

Tree View