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Best Practices

Launch Guide

Resources to help you launch UpRaise & get the best out of your team

3 articles

Getting Started

About UpRaise

Quick facts, How it works

3 articles

Managing UpRaise in JIRA

Install/Uninstall, Enable/Disable

4 articles

Initial Setup by JIRA Admin

First steps for JIRA Administrator

2 articles


General Settings

Feature selection, Project restrictions & use of in-app support messenger

4 articles

Company Directory

User Management, Restricted Access set-up, Profile Self Service

10 articles

Objectives & Key Results

Configurations for Company, Team & Individual level OKRs

12 articles

Continuous Feedback

Customising continuous feedback to match your culture needs

5 articles

Review Forms

Conducting performance reviews, surveys in UpRaise

22 articles

User Guide

Objectives & Key Results

Right from managing OKRs to aligning them for laser focus.

28 articles

Continuous Feedback

How to make the best use of Continuous Feedback in JIRA?

11 articles

More Resources


Get your questions answered, immediately

6 articles

Release Notes - Cloud

A bird's eye view of the evolution of UpRaise for JIRA cloud

26 articles

Release Notes - Server

A bird's eye view of the evolution of UpRaise for JIRA server

17 articles